What we do

Having entered the coal market in 2006, LET has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s top 5 coal traders.

In recent years, the coal market has become increasingly liberalised, with new grades of coal and pre-financing instruments creating a more sophisticated environment and one that is ideally suited to LET’s experience and expertise. We cover a wide range of specific origins for both steam coal and anthracite, have a presence in every major mining region and are successfully meeting the diverse needs of customers around the world.

As well as investing significantly in production output, we have signed long term contracts with producers in both the Far East and Europe and are now a major trading presence in steam coal. Similarly, we are now servicing numerous long term outlets with utilities.

LET is also actively managing and developing a range of innovative logistics solutions, which are providing access to international markets for a wide range of small and medium sized producers with whom we have developed long-term relationships.

Anthracite is another significant strength, with long term contracts in Russia, the Ukraine and South Africa, and we support this with a full break-bulk operation (for storage, handling and wholesale) in Ghent, Belgium.

Where we do it

LET partners, finances and owns mines in the US, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa, Colombia and Russia. We supply across the Asia Pacific region and into all major European power utilities. LET is also one of largest suppliers to the Comision Federal de Electricidad, Mexico’s state power utility. LET is also participating in the development of major new port and loading facilities in Southern Africa, Colombia and North America.

How we do it.

Our flexibility, liquidity and ability to manage our financial risk allow us to work in more challenging environments, both as a producer and a buyer, and to trade in physical forward markets up to five years ahead. We are also applying models employed in oil and natural gas; by focusing on the physical aspects, we can add significant value in areas such as coal finance and logistics.

LET is also focused on other areas central to the sector. We are increasing our activity in biomass trading and, in freight, we are very active in the dry cargo market, both through paper trades and vessel ownership.

Our approach is personal and trusted. We build long term relationships with local partners and we invest in a shared future.