Core Trades

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Crude Oil

LET is a significant participant in global crude oil markets and crude oil is the largest part of LET’s total energy portfolio. In 2012 we sold 117m tonnes of crude oil, which amounts to around 2.4m barrels per day.

Natural Gas

Our gas teams operate across three continents – Europe, Asia and the Americas – in both pipeline product and LNG, and we follow the business model that characterizes every part of the LET Group: physical trading based on transportation and logistics, storage and arbitrage.


LET is one of the largest international LPG traders. We have the world’s largest pressurised vessels and, indeed, the largest fleet.

LNG Naphtha gasoline

LNG will continue to be the fastest growing sector of the international energy business for many years. Delivering over 2.3 million tons of LNG in 2012, LET has re-affirmed its position as the largest independent trader of LNG.


We operate and trade with every producing country in the world. We lift from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, the Russian Federation, South America and North and West Africa to name a few.


Every day, LET trades over 950,000 barrels of gasoline, more than twice the UK’s entire daily demand.

jet-fuel Aviation1 fuel oil
Gas Oil & Jet

LET is the world’s leading trader in middle distillates and has a real depth and reach of expertise in global arbitrage business. We are one of the largest users of onshore tank storage, with 70% of product stored in LET-owned tanks.


LET Aviation was established in 2010 for the specific purpose of providing both bulk and into wing jet fuel supply to a broad inland customer base, sharing the benefits of LET’s global supply chain efficiencies and expertise. A long term value offering of both jet fuel, physical risk management and carbon reduction instruments.

Fuel Oil

LET is one of the most long established and active independent physical traders in the global fuel oil market. Every month, we ship more than 3m tonnes of fuel oil and are one of the world’s largest suppliers of feedstocks to refiners.

coal power carbon

Having entered the coal market in 2006, LET has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s top 5 coal traders. In recent years, the coal market has become increasingly liberalised, with new grades of coal and pre-financing instruments creating a more sophisticated environment and one that is ideally suited to LET’s experience and expertise.


We access power station capacity (by supplying fuels in exchange for power) – transport power cross-border – and operate as a power trader. We also have the flexibility to offer physical products that mimic power station dynamics and economics.


LET has one of the largest and most diverse carbon project portfolios in the world and our involvement and expertise in carbon markets is global and comprehensive.

Metals & Minerals

LET SA provides LET with trade expertise in the metals and mining sector. Trading through the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary LET SA, we are active in base metal concentrates, ores, secondary raw materials and residues as well as primary base metals and minor metals.