Gas Oil & Jet

What we do

LET is the world’s leading trader in middle distillates and has a real depth and reach of expertise in global arbitrage business. We are one of the largest users of onshore tank storage, with 70% of product stored in LET-owned tanks.

LET already supplies jet fuel to many of the world’s airlines. LET Aviation is rapidly expanding our business in this area, adding value through our wealth of experience in handling physical products.

With our strong storage position and market expertise we are one of the key global suppliers of gas oil and ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD).

Where we do it

We have offices in Houston, Geneva, London, Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai and Moscow and we serve the key distillates markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and the US. We are actively expanding our business in Africa and China.

Our middle distillates trading is supported by LET’s expertise and scope of resources in storage, based in Singapore, the Middle East, the US and a network of locations throughout Europe.

How we do it

Excellent market intelligence underpins each and every trade we make. We are keen observers of economic, political and consumer trends on both macro and micro levels; we understand how cold weather in Asia affects supply to Europe; we try to predict, anticipate and react to international, national and regional imbalances wherever in the world they occur.

Drawing on our global trading, shipping and storage resources and expertise in the US, South America, Europe and Asia, we are ideally placed to move cargoes and realise the opportunities arising from regional and global imbalances. Our detailed local knowledge of specifications – particularly important in jet fuel – gives us a real advantage in achieving better trading performance.

Global arbitrage has long been a core LET strength. Today, it is a structural feature of the middle distillates market and, as such, LET is fully qualified and equipped to optimise trading opportunities – both now and in the future.