What we do

LNG will continue to be the fastest growing sector of the international energy business for many years. Delivering over 2.3 million tons of LNG in 2012, LET has re-affirmed its position as the largest independent trader of LNG. LET continues to supply our customers both on long term and spot basis as their requirements change. Our ability to integrate with the group’s natural gas business, to optimise shipping and manage cross commodity physical pricing provides a wealth of opportunities to meet our customers’ needs.

The business is now balanced between term sales and spot transactions. With a growing portfolio we are committing to more longer term agreements. Operating many such agreements enables LET to offer more flexibility and optimise the flow of LNG inside the portfolio and externally. We continue to apply our core energy trading skills to bring opportunities and new physical risk management solutions to the sector.

Where we do it

As the number of new entrants continues to grow our customer base is growing to all the traded regions of the world. We have developed existing relationships and quickly estab

Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Through our network of regional offices and locally in country we are able to work with our customers on their short and longer term requirements.

How we do it

LET’s independence is important to our LNG customers. Unlike many of the largest operators, we are impartial and uncompromised, with no joint ventures or upstream/downstream obligations.

Our business is based on the market fundamentals, and our customers gain by our ability to respond with speed and flexibility.

What we do

LET trades and moves approximately 17m tonnes of naphtha globally per year. The volume bought and sold has grown steadily over the last five years. We source, trade and move naphtha feedstock and clean condensate for petrochemical customers, refineries and large industrial concerns, leveraging the logistics advantages available to us through the scale and flexibility of our global shipping, strategic storage and arbitrage operations. We strive to be the leader in both supply and delivery contracts to ensure the best value for our customers.

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