What we do

LET is one of the largest international LPG traders.

By collecting, shipping, storing and trading gas that would otherwise be flared, we are meeting the needs of both the petrochemical industry and domestic users, as well as supplying the growing demand for autogas.

We are also making the best economic use of a resource that otherwise would do no more than contribute to climate change.

In addition, LET is highly active in the refrigerated long-haul arbitrage business, ready to move cargoes wherever global market conditions dictate.


How we do it

Our size is not and never has been an end in itself: it is simply a consequence of our success and the strength of our customer relationships. The LET LPG team is truly multinational, and we use local knowledge and insights to anticipate demand and react swiftly and efficiently. Increasingly, we work with oil and gas companies as a logistics and physical risk management solutions provider, and we are known for our ability to bring innovative thinking to life through decisive action.