Where we do it

We operate and trade with every producing country in the world. We lift from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, the Russian Federation, South America and North and West Africa to name a few. We facilitate the requirements of refiners, state-owned oil companies and marketers in North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East – and are working hard to meet the growing needs of refineries and ethylene plants in China and India.

We have a growing number of partnerships in Russia – where we have an exclusive naphtha terminal in Kaliningrad – and the former Soviet states, Asia and North Africa.

We have a truly global presence and principal offices in Houston, Geneva, Singapore and London. Consequently, we are able to optimise our arbitrage activity through 24 hour coverage of world markets.

How we do it

We bring all our core oil trading values, skills and services to the naphtha market: clients rely on us for our physical expertise, our professional operations staff as well as our absolute commitment to deliver products that are on specification and on time. Our ability to always deliver is a reflection of our commitment to building long term relationships, the flexibility afforded by our shipping and storage resources, our financial security and our complete range of physical risk management skills and tools.

We have the skills and track record to respond to opportunities swiftly, reliably and, whenever necessary, innovatively.