Natural Gas

What we do

Our gas teams operate across three continents – Europe, Asia and the Americas – in both pipeline product and LNG, and we follow the business model that characterizes every part of the LET Group: physical trading based on transportation and logistics, storage and arbitrage.

With over 15 years’ experience in the gas business, LET has grown its physical supply to more than 20 BCM per annum in Europe alone, supported and enabled by storage capacity across the key countries. We work with producers, wholesalers, distributors and industrials on a global basis – our unique independence combined with innovative solutions has made us the partner of choice for a number of important industry participants.

Where we do it

We deliver gas to customers in virtually every country across Europe – utilising an extensive transportation and storage portfolio.

Across the Atlantic, we source and trade Canadian gas for our US portfolio business, and facilitate the growing LNG trade around the US Gulf region, where we have invested heavily in storage.

How we do it

The scale of our operations and extent of our geographical coverage allow us to take an holistic view of market changes, leverage economies of scale and match supply to demand wherever and whenever the need arises. We have built on the relationships in place with our energy industry partners, and invested in new relationships and innovative contractual arrangements with suppliers, pipeline and storage operators in the gas sector, with commitments reaching out nearly two decades ahead.

In addition to being one of the main physical liquidity providers at trading hubs and cross border points, our significant and flexible portfolio makes us an ideal trading partner for tailor-made, physical structured products. We are able to offer our clients a wide range of both physical and virtual services – helping them to expand across markets and borders. They can benefit from LET’s core strengths in physical risk and portfolio management, where we are able to help them to maximise the profitability of their physical portfolio with a range of sophisticated solutions.

An appetite for investment in physical Natural Gas assets has helped LET cement it’s presence in this sector and has led to a number of multi-year transactions.